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Baby Krissy Game

baby krissy game

baby krissy game - Walking Barbie

Walking Barbie & Baby Sister Krissy Doll w "Walking" Barbie Doll & Lullaby & Baby Sounds (1999)

Walking Barbie & Baby Sister Krissy Doll w "Walking" Barbie Doll & Lullaby & Baby Sounds (1999)

Walking Barbie & Baby Sister Krissy Doll, Model #22232 is a 1999 Mattel production. Barbie Doll really walks and pushes Krissy Doll in her Stroller with YOUR help! Give Krissy Doll her Bottle, Rattle, then cuddle her next to the Barbie Doll and You! There are real Lullaby and Baby Sounds! Put Krissy in her Bassinet to hear a sweet Lullaby, Giggle or Coo Sound! Barbie loves to walk and push Krissy Doll in her Stroller. Includes: A Barbie Doll approx. 11.5" tall with blond braided hair & blue eyes, a Krissy Doll approx. 2-3/4" tall w/blond molded hair & blue eyes. There's 2 Outfits: Barbie Doll wears a blue Camisole, a sheer pink, purple, green & blue check Blouse atop, a purple w/glittery blue specks Skirt, & a Pair of purple & white Shoes. Krissy Doll wears a Dress that has a white top & the skirt is white w/pink, green, purple & blue floral print w/a purple bow at waist, & a purple bow on her head. Also includes a white Baby Bottle, a Baby Rattle, a white mesh fabric & silvery fabric handle & trim Diaper Bag, a Lotion Bottle, a pink & white Stroller (looks like a Carriage) with a Portable Bassinet (part of Stroller), Instructions, & a Hairbrush. All items are pretend & intended for the Barbie Doll & Krissy Doll. All the provided descriptions are to the best of my ability and may not be exact; colors, styles, sizes & details may vary. For Ages 3+ Years. CAUTION: Small Parts Included. Walking Barbie & New Baby Sister Krissy, a 1999 Mattel production, is great for any collection, as a gift or just for fun play! For the Box Condition Information, see CONDITION NOTE or Email Seller for details.

81% (15)

Nanaly was tagged by krissy sakura

Nanaly was tagged by krissy sakura

Ok, I have still some tags (Anise and Momohime) to answer, and before I go on vacation, I thought of at least doing Nanaly's. BTW, I changed her wig! This one is Anise's previous wig (remember, she was a Tweety too!), which I cut and styled because it was quite damaged. Nanaly's own wig is really damaged too, so I think I will have to try to fix it, as I did with Anise's.

Two names you go by:
1. Nanaly
2. Nana-chan

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. This cute shirt that Lovalizious made for me!
2. Greggia's stock panties, hehe

Two things you want right now very badly:
1. I want to go to the swimming pool! And Pocky too!
2. I want to have a biiiig ice-cream with Allen *yummy*

Last two people you talked to on the phone:
1. I don't use the phone, hehe

Two things you did last night:
1. I took a bath with Anise! Well, and Pocky too, he was all dirty because we had been playing in the park.
2. I drew on my diary what I did yesterday!

Two things you are doing tomorrow:
1. Mmm... Showing Anise around. She gotta meet everyone!
2. I will ask again mummy to bring me to the swimming pool.

Two favorite drinks:
1. Milk with cocoa
2. Apple juice

Two random facts:
1. I'm trying to get along with the new girl, Anise, but she's too shy sometimes and also a cry-baby. Anyway, it's great to have someone to play with!
2. Yesterday I told Ilea that I wanted to marry someone, but she told me that I'm still a child and I can't marry anyone until I grow up... Then I wanna become a grownup soon ><

This time I won't tag anyone, because if I do, this game will never end. Of course, if you want to, feel free to answer to this tag too ^^

The Cow Named Krissy

The Cow Named Krissy

If you happen to look at the larger version of this picture, the cow behind my sister is named "Krissy" which is our childhood name for my sister. She did not see the name, I just told her to pose for the picture, and told her afterword.

baby krissy game

baby krissy game

Barbie KRISSY Baby Layette Set w Hispanic AA Baby (1999)

Krissy Hispanic or AA, Baby Sister of Barbie Doll, Baby Layette is a 1999 Mattel production. Model #26806. The Krissy Baby Doll is AA, ethnic or Hispanic; Krissy baby doll has dark skin and measures approx. 2-3/4" tall. Baby doll has dark molded hair & brown eyes & wears a white Diaper & yellow Top. CONTENTS: Krissy AA Baby Doll, white Diaper, yellow Top, pink dance Leotard w/pink tulle tutu attached, a white & a pink Baby Bottle, a white & pink check pattern Romper w/yellow flower on top bib section & yellow trim on legs, a white & pink check Bib w/yellow flower trim, a white & pink check pair of Panties with yellow bow at front center, a pink Feeding Dish w/spoon, a light pink Teddy Bear that's approx. 1-1/4" tall, one blue & one yellow Rattles, a blue Play Horse approx. 1-1/4", a white silky Dress w/lace hem & pink bow at waist, a white Bonnet w/lace trim & pink ribbon between lace & Hat, a pair of Socks, "Baby Powder" Container & a blue Lotion Bottle, a Baby Blanket & a pink w/white trim Laundry Bag (I believe that's what it is). All included items are Krissy Baby Doll size (2-3/4" tall); can be used for other size dolls, as preferred. All provided information is to the best of my ability & may not be exact; colors, styles, sizes & details may vary. Krissy, Baby Sister of Barbie Doll, Baby Layette, a 1999 Mattel production, is great for any collection, as a gift or just for fun play! For Box Condition Info, see CONDITION NOTE/Comments or email Seller for details.

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