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How To Pick A Baby Name

how to pick a baby name

"Mama" "Daddy" and "Girl" Three out of Five of Tubby's Dogs

"Mama"  "Daddy" and "Girl" Three out of Five of Tubby's Dogs

Now, Tubby wasn't the most original with names for his dogs, but his love for them was obvious and deep. Mama is on the left, Daddy in the middle and Girl on the right. I believe Girl is their offspring. Now this is just three out of five of his dogs. They travel on the ground mostly, and kind of semi tied together. They were resting together when I took this shot. There is more to this story; so hang in there.

OK more details added 01-18-06:
Tubby the Transient, turned out to be fairly friendly as were all 5 of his dogs. I asked how he like wandering around. He said fine. I said what do you do if you get sick or something? He related to me the following story. I regret that I did not get the name of which police or sheriff's department he was referring to, but I am thinking Multnomah County, Oregon.
At any rate, he told me he nearly died of pneumonia. A deputy sheriff or police officer saw him lying very still, and seeming ill. He wanted to take Tubby to the hospital. Tubby said he could not leave his dogs. They would be lost without him. I couldn't help but think he would be lost without them as well. Several times, he was cajoled into leaving to go to the hospital. Several times he turned the offer down. Finally when he was so sick he could not get up to tend after anything, an officer asked if there was a place where his five dogs would stay put. Tubby indicated a large tree where all five dogs could be tied, and be OK. The officer tethered the dogs to the tree, (or else had animal control come and do it...Tubby was a little unclear on this) and took Tubby to be checked out. He did have pneumonia, and he did nearly die. The officer went and fed the dogs and checked on them, and on Tubby's cart with his worldly goods in it. I know oftentimes we hear of the abuse and cruelty of authority figures like police and sheriffs. In this case, I think they showed great compassion for Tubby. I never saw him before or after this one day when I took pictures, but I imagine he is a bit of a fixture in some of the counties he wanders in. When he was well enough to go home (in his case go to large cart and five dogs), some people may have just left him to walk back to where he came from. Instead the police or deputy picked him up at the hospital and delivered him right to the vacant field or lot where the five dogs were tied to a tree and waiting. The result was that a serious case of pneumonia that could have ended in his dogs being impounded, and perhaps death for Tubby, was just a day or two interruption in his life, and not very invasive to getting back on the move again. I was so impressed by the compassion shown by law enforcement. I think it made a big impression on Tubby, too, as it was the only story he really seemed to want to tell me.

It was quite a day for me to approach Tubby and ask if his dogs were friendly, and then take pictures just feet from a main road from I-205 to Hubbard? or Sherwood? I think. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous. It was a nice day, and lots of people whizzing by in their cars had their windows down. Some hooted at me or Tubby... not sure which. A neighbor was riding his huge riding lawn mower closer and closer to us. It was hardly an ideal place and time for a photo shoot. I did the best I could, with the circumstances, and instead of being turned off by the whole transient idea, I felt my life was better for having chatted with Tubby, petted his dogs, and taken pictures.

This addresses "My Life As" and MyStory as it shows that I try to get over my initial nervousness about shooting pictures of real people that are strangers to me. I guess my photography is my life, well not all of it, but quite a bit, and have found that when I am open and honest and friendly, I get a lot of that back. I was fully prepared that Tubby might have been snarly and turned me down. Risking and then accepting the results of that risk are part and parcel of my life and my story.


Birthplace & Childhood home of "Baby Face Nelson" 944 N. California Ave.

Birthplace & Childhood home of "Baby Face Nelson" 944 N. California Ave.

942-944 N. Californiia Ave. Chicago Illinois. Near northwest side.
Born Lester Joseph Gillis was born on the right 3 flat (brown) on December 6, 1908. Many say on this day in this house was born a physical nightmare.
His parents were poor immigrants, Josef and Mary Gillis.
Josef Gillis spent most of his time working at the Union Stockyards. Mary Gillis spent much time tutoring students for extra money to feed the family.
In the time Lester Gillis (Baby Face) was growing up in this house the streets were cobblestone and muddy from milk, ice trucks, street cars and some automobiles.
Lester Gillis with his parents being gone trying to make a living started to wander the streets in the neighborhood. Unlike his brothers and sisters they went to Mass and always were at school.
Lester was only 5ft 4inches tall. He was picked on by area bullies. Lester learned how to use his fists and began to fight and win over any kid in the neighborhood. Lester was brutal and aggresive. He liked to inflict pain.
At age 14 he got expelled from school from crimes he was committing.
In 1928 Lester met local criminals and got a job driving a truck bootlegging booze around Chicago & Suburbs. He started doing favors for Al Capone, Capone used Lester as a slugger during times of unrest labor disputes.

Many criminals were afraid of him because of his bad temper and fighting skills. Lester lead the life as robbing banks and served time in Jails and prisons. Lester escaped Stateville prison in Joliet in 1932. He bacame FBI"s "A" list of public enemies. At that time he was given the name "Baby Face"
Lester joined John Dillinger and his gang and started to rob banks in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Baby Face had many hideouts including a place in Lake Como Wi. and up north Wisconsin in the Lac du Flambeau area.
Baby Face Nelson life was getting tough running from the police. On November 27th, 1934 the police were patrolling the Illinois-Wisconsin State line knowing he was in the area. Thay spotted his car on Rt.14 in Fox River Grove, Illinois. As the F.B.I. followed Baby Face Nelson. Lestor took shots at the car disabling the government vehicle. The chases went on through Barrington Illinois where there was a shooting spree. Baby Face was able to spree the scene to Skokie Illinois where he was bleeding and in pain from the Barrington shoot out. He died in his wife Helens arms at a safe house in Skokie.
Lester Gillis Baby Face Nelson is buried in "St. Joseph"s cemetery" in western suburb River Grove, IL.

how to pick a baby name

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